CURLSMBS with FileZilla Server

if some one have this working help.

i need to upload files

i try to upload a file and i have error Result 7


i use filezilla client for test and works perfect

can you share you app settings

dim f as FolderItem
dim e as integer
dim d as UploadCURL
dim b as BinaryStream

if f=nil then Return


d=new UploadCURL
d.OptionVerbose = true


listbox1.addrow "Result: "+str(e)

i am lost

that is the code for upload file to the ftp server.

i am using the demo of the plug-in (CURLS ftp file upload)

Have you checked what logging information is captured with verbose mode (check the CURLSMBS docs)?

if any specifict setting for FileZilla Server on Windows 7 ?

Not as far as i’m aware. If you are connecting to it from a different computer you will need to make sure the firewall is allowing the connection.

The best way to diagnose this is to capture the debug output when verbose mode is enabled.

port all working and firewall is ok

it connect with no problem but no upload

i have this working in my local pc but on remote pc no works.

port 21,22 open and forwarding and firewall is open

i get error 7

any idea what to look for ?

same config on local and remote

Port 22 shouldn’t be required for FileZilla server to work.

Are you using passive / active file transfers? If you eventually want to be using this outside of your network (ie: across the Internet) you should be using passive.

Have you tried a FTP client on the remote computer and compare the FileZilla server admin log output to when you perform a transfer using your code? If it works with your FTP client it probably isn’t using the same method (passive / active) compared to your code.

I think you still have firewall issues.