CurlMBS disable mail server VRFY?

Something apparently was changed, either with CurlMBS or with the SMTP server I address: Currently the server responds with a “500 Unknown or unimplemented command” (but does not fire its error event) when I try to send as it does not know the VRFY (receiver address) command that is being sent automatically.
I found that using “-t -” should resolve the issue. But what option would that be in MBS option terms?

We had that before, where CURL would do VRFY because some property was set or not set.

Did you update the plugin?

or maybe a simple c.OptionUpload = true fixes it?

Thank you. Sadly no, OptionUpload does not change anything. I set OptionSLLVerify(s)… to 0 but the same result.
I am at 22.5. Could have been the issue came into existence when I updated to it. It was not spotted immediately.

Uh, I am sorry. I did not realise my CurlMultiMBS subclass was doing an OptionPost = True by default when adding a curl. I added a configuration event to remove that and now it’s working. Thanks a lot!