CueText not displayed on Windows 10 (and XP)

According to the documentation the code below must work:

[code] // No Fous Ring around the Cell in Edit Mode
Me.ActiveCell.UseFocusRing = False // Mandatory for displaying the CueText

// Applique un masque de saisie aux cellules des colonnes 2 et 3
If Column = 1 or Column = 2 Then
// CueText: format de la date…
TextField(Me.ActiveCell).CueText = “JJ/MM/AAAA”

// Masque de saisie: uniquement des nombres…
Me.ActiveCell.Mask = "##/##/####"

End If[/code]

But this does not works. To be sure, I’ve made a screen shot and, no, no CueText is displayed.

Advice asked.

It wont work - either way
On Windows and Linux, the Cue Text only appears when the TextField does not have focus.
In a listbox If you have an activecell, then it has focus and you wont ever see CueText (becaue that only shows in textfields without focus) And in a listbox if the cell is not being edited you dont have an active cell and setting cue text wont work or at the very leat you wont see it because there IS no active cell

Basically CueText isn’t going to work in a listbox cell unless you draw it yourself
At least thats what I gather from reading all the relevant docs

Hi Norman,

I may be mistaken (myself): focus and focus ring ?

Yeah, I think that is how I went into that Wrong believing…

Too bad: it works on El Capitan but the application is meant to be running on Windows !
I was really happy once it worked (on El Capitan)…

You only see the active cell in a listbox when you edit - and it will have focus then

Other than that its invisible

So on Windows & Linux since you only see cue text in a text field when it does NOT have focus you wont see your code have any effect on Windows & Linux - because the active cell wont be visible unless you’re editing (which means the cue text wont be visible)

This is just one of those difference between platforms

OS X shows the cue text as long as there are no other contents in the cell - regardless of focus

You can test this with a simple app with two text fields on a window with cuetext set in each
On OS X you will see the cuetext in both fields even when the field has focus
You wont see it in the field that has focus on Windows