Cue Text / Help Tag Hack?

Some version of IE (All?) don’t support cue text.

I have lightly thousand of fields in an application that have cue text.

  1. I think I am safe in putting that exact ‘comments’ in Help Tags as I have ignored the help tag property up until now.

  2. I am think of an on open even to loop thru (Pseudo code)

Get all objects and loop

If type WebTextfield
end if

What ugliness am I missing/ ignoring here?
What problems am i creating?
What don’t I know?

It there a better hack?

That’ll probably work, although you might want to do WebTextAreas as well.

I know that IE8 and IE9 don’t support it, but you should check IE10 and 11. They’re new enough that they probably support that functionality (called a placeholder in the HTML5 world).