Cuda GPU & Multicore support?

Just saw this on a Python site:

[quote]Anaconda Accelerate
Fast Python for GPUs and multi-core with NumbaPro and MKL Optimizations

Accelerate is an add-on to Continuum’s free enterprise Python distribution, Anaconda. It opens up the full capabilities of your GPU or multi-core processor to Python. Accelerate includes two packages that can be added to your Python installation: NumbaPro and MKL Optimizations. MKL Optimizations makes linear algebra, random number generation, Fourier transforms, and many other operations run faster and in parallel. NumbaPro builds fast GPU and multi-core machine code from easy-to-read Python and NumPy code with a Python-to-GPU compiler.[/quote]

Any chance of Xojo getting something similar?

MBS Plugins have OpenCL support which also can use GPU on Mac.

Another way is to use OpenGL Compute shaders (programs), this require no plugins but is less straight forward than OpenCL.