cubeSQLServer plugin and Xojo 2017r3

Any reason to expect cubeSQLServer plugin will not work properly with Xojo 2017r3?

I believe it does.

same as here : ?

It works on Mac no problems (for me). Are you having problems? What platform?

Working with my test of a Xojo Web app just fine.

unlimited mean does not matter how many users… if you want the latest version after one year, you need to pay again.
BUT for my clients, once i install the db server, i did not update to latest and just use the one install for years and years.

CubeSQL Pricing

I think is the same as Xojo license, you can keep using your last update without paying anymore. Want new features or latest version?, pay for the license again with updates for one more year.

Unlimited has to do with simultaneous connections.

No. You pay once, get updates for 1 year and then keep using it forever.

You don’t want updates, no problem, keep using it forever.

License is good forever.

You can purchase a license depending on the number of concurrent connections you need to support.

Or you can move your Xojo Web apps to and get free unlimited cubeSQLServer connections. It’s included in the hosting price. And your cubeSQLServer is installed, set up, and kept up to date by the host.