CubeSQL + savepoint = no go ??

I already sent an email to sqlabs about this, but I get an error when trying to issue a savepoint using CubeSQL. Its strange that ‘savepoint’ does not appear in the CubeSQL commands manual.

SO… I may have to replace the savepoint statement… If this is the case, how do you guys suggest dealing with this ? I want to avoid the regular rollback…this is a very specific situation which at the end of a long process the user may cancel and a rollback may be needed but I don’t want to keep a transaction open for such long time… Ideas ?

What’s the error?

Database error 7015
Command “SAVEPOINT BEFORECHK” not supported in this version


BTW, CubeSql is registered with the freeware license…

well I know that SAVEPOINT works just fine in SQLite 3.17… I use it all the time now :slight_smile:

SAVEPOINT 'savept1'

I know, Dave, I use it in this same app but in the regular sqlite-no cubeSql compile version…

@Roman Varas
SAVEPOINTS are disabled inside cubeSQL because it needs to guarantee data integrity in a multi-threading environment.
SAVEPOINTS work like a stack under the hood so if two or more clients uses SAVEPOINT/ROLLBACK when it could happen that transaction for another client be rollback too.

Thanks for the reply, Marco. Looks like II’l have to find a way around it…

Hi Roman, do you ever find a way to do something similar on CubeSQL?

Nope. I had to adapt my code to do some sort of UNDO…