CSSMERR_TP_NOT_TRUSTED In architecture: i386

I getting following error from AppWraper:

Critical Error: Code sign failed: : CSSMERR_TP_NOT_TRUSTED In architecture: i386

My Apple’s developer certificate expire Sep 2016. I’ve used these before with the same app for the MAS without problem.

Did a goggle search and no hits on this subject.

Anyone with an idea what this may be?

If I were you, I’d email support@ohanaware.com directly. Sam is the ultimate authority on this and has always been very responsive.

I would recommend trying the following first.

Please note that some users have had to restart after this for it take effect, although not all have… Weird.

Did the download for the renewed certificate.
That certificate did not work. AW accept it but Application Loader gave error. The cer. does not say “3rd party”.

Apple must have some kind of AI that is able to monitor your frustration level too see just how really pee off it can make you.

“3rd party” suddenly appeared in my certificates; and I was able to continue.

Anyway; the app has been submitted… now for the review.

Thanks for the help.

Code signing and all the related malarkey is certainly not done in a very Apple like way.