crypto SHA512 32bit vs 64bit webapp


We are using xojo for 32 bit webapps. SHA512 tends to be considerably slower running on 32bit so we may upgrade our xojo in order to benefit from the 64 bit etc but has the code for the crypto etc been updated etc as well? I mean, will I see benefits or just be limited to the 32bit code running inside the 64bit process?


I don’t think that SHA512 will be much slower/faster comparing 32-bit to 64-bit.
It’s pure math calculation.

Not sure about xojo’s implementation but other implementations, for 32bit: 70MiB/s vs 64bit: 380MiB/s

Also, wikipedia brings quite similar performance results.

Since it’s a framework call you may not get the expected speed benefit you think. However, only testing will tell you for sure.

Can’t test since we don’t have a new license and only considering getting it for such benefits…

Maybe having some documentation on what xojo team uses for certain features would help out… Also, some documentation on what kind of optimisations the compiler does and if it does etc…

Framework code is already compiled using optimizing compilers so you wont get anything extra out of LLVM for framework code.
I think crypto is based on Crypto++ but don’t quote me on that as this is not my area of expertise

ok, sounds good. I will not quote you. :slight_smile: