Crypto.RSASign hash?


Can’t find which exact hash function Crypto.RSASign is using. There is nothing in the docs. Is it SHA1, SHA256, SHA512?

I need RSA-SHA256 sign, is there a way to get it with native xojo framework or MBS?
OpenSSLMBS.SignData() is using SHA1 which is not what required.

Thank you!

I just checked with William. He says it is “PKCS v1.5”.

I’ve updated the doc pages with this info.

Thank you, but still not clear. Which signature algorithm is using?

MD5? Or some of SHA*?

OK, further clarification from William: PKCS v1.5 with SHA1.

Thank you very much!


I need RS256 on XC. Any suggestions?

RS256 - RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5 signature algorithm using SHA-256 hash algorithm

Alas, I have no suggestions. Other than create a Feedback case.

maybe I could add it to the MBS Plugins

Christian: Thank you very much! It works.