Crypto in Xojo - not for the weak

So I would like my Xojo binary application to be encrypted and encapsulated with a weak 128-bit AES key.

I then wish to brute force it at the time of execution/runtime

Possible with Xojo?


If it is encrypted, you would need to decrypt it before you can run it…


sorry Shao what I should have said was is this something that could be achieved using the Xojo crypto class or would I need to use MBS crypto plugins


I am looking to do something similar to hyperion but in Xojo

Not sure the value here… but it would take TWO packages…
One is the encrypted app… which could not even be loaded let alone executed in its encrypted state.
and the other which would be the “launch/helper” app that would decrypt the first package and execute it
and destroyed the decrypted version upon completion…

but since the “key” would be there… what value would the encryption provide in this circumstance?

can I ask a silly question? why would you want to encrypt part of the program like this and decrypt the executable on the fly to run it? i can not think of any legitimate use for it off the top of my head. not saying there arent, just cant think of any.

The keyword may be legitimate.

Windows only:

You have to add APP1.EXE as payload to APP2.EXE.

Say you build APP1.EXE. Drag that file into your project(APP2), and you get a constant named APP1 which is a string containing the contents of the file. To write it back out is

dim f as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.ApplicationData.Child(“myapp”).Child(“APP1.EXE”)
dim t as TextOutputStream = t.Open(f)
t.Write APP1.EXE