Crypto for Web Apps

I am kinda new to making web applications.
I can’t get the Crypto module to work in a web application. Is there a way to encrypt and decrypt data in a web application? Or am I just missing something here…

My goal is to create a middleware app, that sends and receives encrypted data. Maybe even compressed in a later stage.

do you your won web service?
or just want to store encrypted locally on server?

Thanks for the quick response, Christian,

I will use a CGI middleware app to connect with a local database on the webserver.

The client apps will run on other devices. But data transferred between the middelware app and the client needs protection. My idea is have the client sending a request to the middleware app, the middleware app retrieves the data from the database, encrypts it using a crypto.RSAEncrypt kind of way.

Client devices include all platforms: other web-apps, desktop apps (Windows, OS-X, Linux) and iOS

But as far as I try I can’t get the RSAEncrypt to work on a CGI app

What do you use to develop other app? Xojo also?

Yes, all apps are developed in Xojo

so you can just use what Crypto module offers.

Yes, I understand. But for some reason the RSAEncrypt class doesn’t work in a CGI app.

P.S I develop and test my CGI app on OS-X

Why not rely on SSL to provided the required in-transit encryption?

Any error messages you get?
RSAEncrypt should work just fine there.

@Christiaan When I write this:

using xojo.Crypto

I get this error:

@Kem Tekinay
Therefore I need an SSL certificate, right? I just wanted to try a free solution at first… :slight_smile:

please use old framework, not the iOS stuff.

You can get a free SSL certificate.

[quote=174662:@Edwin van den Akker]@Christiaan When I write this:

using xojo.Crypto

I get this error:[/quote]
Christian’s right, just use Crypto for now. The new framework isn’t available in web apps yet.