Credit card integration with level 3 data?

Has anyone used xojo to create an integration with a payment gateway where you are passing level 2 and 3 data for lower interchange rates?

I don’t know what level 2/3 means but we implemented PayEezy with a client and got lower rates based on what data we passed them.


Most consumer credit cards are processed as level 1 data and are the highest interchange rates. If you want to reduce your credit card fees you have to submit level 2 data or level 3 data (which is the cheapest) and requires line item data like you’d see on an invoice.

We’ve already got an integration with to do level 1 credit card processing, but does not do level 2 or level 3 processing. They are not setup to accept the additional data items.

I found Payeezy’s info on First Data’s website, but can’t tell if they support level 2 and 3 processing.

We have a client that is doing large amounts on a monthly basis and we can save them quite a bit if we can get level 3 interchange rates. They would use Wells Fargo as their payment processor but WF uses Cybersource as the gateway and their integration methods are limited.

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Rather than invent the wheel, I was hoping that someone would know a plugin that could be used with xojo to submit level 2 and 3 data.

Yeah, I know my client got better rates when we sent different data but I don’t know the details on it. Sorry.

I work for a CreditCardProcessing company and I’ve used our Gateway in Xojo apps before. We support level 2 and level 3 data.

Here’s our API Docs: