Creating Time-lapsed Screenshots

I have a need to capture time-lapsed screenshots. Using MBS I was able to put something together pretty quick which saves time-lapsed screenshots (jpg) to the Documents folder. No issue there. What I would like to ask is about options to create something similar to Steps Recorder (where the screenshots are added to an MHT or HTML file); or maybe like a still frame movie. Any recommendations/examples on how to approach this? The immediate need is for Windows and therefore I am asking on that sub-forum first.

To “add” them to an HTML file, just create the HTML source code and either link to the image files (on disk) or embed the images in to the HTML (which can cause the size of the HTML to balloon quickly)…

I’m sure there is something in MBS to stitch a bunch of pictures in to a video (if not, I’m sure Christian can add something, he seems to be good at that :slight_smile: )

No idea what MHT is, and too lazy to look it up (sorry, that’s just the way I am :stuck_out_tongue: )

Do you need your app to do this? Or do you want you to use this as documentation? If the latter then have a look at .

We use a few PCs / laptops in the lab to track product testing (at a low level). I wanted to create something quick and easy where we can “record” the response to some custom programs we have so we can share it with another group. The would be ok, but our labs PCs now have many restrictions (e.g. not external connections, limited USB support, etc), and purchasing anything to make life easier is like taboo over here. So any programs we need to make the engineering flow easier we usually just do it internally (unless it is built-in; for example the steps recorder was ok, but we could really use a time-lapsed version so we don’t have to baby sit it).

I will go and compress the archive (again with help from MBS) to ease transfer of the information. And will look into whether HTML may help the receiving group interpret the data better.