Creating/Testing iOS App

Real noob question: I don’t have the iOS capability yet, but how does one move it and test it on a iOS device? I’ve never created something on a Mac before then move it to a iPad or iPhone.

Paul has a great Webinar on this…
P.S. Have your checkbook handy with a check made out to Apple.

  1. Buy a Mac
  2. Buy a Xojo iOS license
  3. Buy an Apple Developer Account
  4. Download Xcode
  5. Create App bundle records + provisioning certificates = appstore info within ADC and iTunesConnect
  6. Build an App
  7. Drag and Drop the created .app with Xcode to your iOS device

In addition to the webinar, the steps are here:

I’ve got an article on doing exactly this in the next issue of xDev Magazine – coming out next week!

Thanks - appreciate it!