Creating temporary files

I’d like to be able to create a temporary file and to create an html file from a database. I’m looking for the language reference for the method or function to create temporary files in the application directory or subdirectory in a desktop app (windows and mac).

Dont do that. (the OS will probably prevent you anyway!)

Use specialfolder.applicationdata as a place to create your files
usually people create a folder per app or company in there, so that the files go in

Look in the help for textoutputstream for examples of writing a text file to disc

You can access the system temp file location using SpecialFolder.Temporary.

And you can create temporary files there using GetTemporaryFolderItem.

See to get a proper temporary file that will be created in the sanctioned Temporary folder.

Creating files in the Applications folder requires special authorization on Mac, and is discouraged in recent versions of Windows.