Creating setup for xojo app which contains Database

I need to create a setup for desktop application which uses postgresql as database. Any idea about how to give postgreSQL database file while making(or building) xojo app setup? Apart from manual installation of PostgreSQL in all the system any other way is there to make the application to work in one single installation process(that is by running the setup of our desktop xojo app, the client system must be able to process database file and able to connect to the particular database)?

Is the database a prepopulated one?
if so, create it, and embed it in the project. Then when the app starts, check for the existance of the database in its proper location (you should be doing this anyway), if it does not exist, then copy the one from the project to the correct destination.

Do you wish to start with an empty database?
if so, check for the existance (same as above), and if it doesn’t exist, use SQL statements to create it

You can’t do that with PostgreSQL.

What the OP is looking for is a way to do a silent install, which is possible (just google postgresql silent install), but wouldn’t be something I’d fancy doing, although the Poker tracker software seems to be doing it. Anyway, if there is any chance the project would work with SQLite, you’d save yourself a considerable amount of headache. I’m saying that being a total PostgreSQL fan boy.

I agree with Maximilian, do postgres for network, and do sqlite for local database
I work with a french accounting solution that is only postgres, and it’s not fun to deal with when you have only one client.
even if postgres has much more options on the language than sqlite, you can do almost anything the same on the 2 platforms.