Creating setup for desktop app


I need to create a setup for desktop application which uses postgresql as database. I need to run this setup both in windows and Mac OS.

Please help me.

Thank you

On Windows I’d recommend Inno Setup. It’s free and very powerful.

True crossplatform installers like InstallAnywhere cost a ton of money.

On Mac an installer is very unusual. Users are accustomed to simply drop the app into the Applications folder. The standard way of distributing software is in the DMG disk image.

In the Applications folder, seek for an Utils folder, then Disk Utilities is the application to run to create a dmg file.

Other ways to create dmg files certainly exists.

BTW: you can add custom icon for the dmg and a background image that explain to your users how to deals with your application(s).

Thanks for replies.

Have any idea about how to give postgresql database along with xojo app setup??. Apart from installing PostgreSQL in all the system any other way is there to make the application to work in one single installation??