Creating Session manually


I have a special workcase.
A NEW user comes to the App via /special/ URL, in HandleSpecialURL I do some magic and then the user should be forwarded to a WebPage.
I have to create a Session for the use, because there is no session available.
At this Point I can’t figure out how this could be done.

Any hints?

Thank you,


Don’t do that. In your special handler, make a page that forwards the browser to the main page for the app. Add params to the URL if you need to, e.g. a session data id.

Ohh, ok.
Could you please explain “session data id”?
Is there a session in the special handler?

If visiting the special URL generates some kind of “input” to the new session, you might store an ID for said input in your database or app Dictionary property or some such, so that you could use said input when the Session actually starts.