Creating plugins for Xojo

So, what tool muse we use to create add ons for Xojo ?

I do not used the other development tool also starting with a X that seems to be the tool to use to create add-ons for Xojo.

The other thread you started that got locked as “8 in etiquette” didn’t ask “what tools do I use to create plugins / add ons for Xojo”

On OS X you can use Xcode
On Windows you can use Visual Studio
On Linux any compiler that uses GCC as its compiler (Emacs + gcc at the command line will do)

And to make a plugin that works across all targets you’ll probably need/want all three

There are / were some quick & dirty “how to make a plugin” documents produced in the recent past that were linked on the forums
Like this

And there are others

Any news from the plugins written in Xojo announced at previous XDC ?

Not plugins.
They talked about libraries. A new project type to bundle project items together and build them in one file.

Please join us at XDC.
We can certainly have a table at dinner with all plugin developers to discuss plugin development.

[quote=287203:@Christian Schmitz]Not plugins.
They talked about libraries. A new project type to bundle project items together and build them in one file.[/quote]
sorry but I don’t see an interest as we already can export items, and have aliases of external items in projects
I use them a lot, and it’s really useful !

Being able to compile to a dll / dylib would be a huge thing. The two advantages Jean-Paul mentions in his post are at the moment only possible by programming in C with the Plugin SDK, which makes it impossible for a lot of Xojo developers to share their code in a safe way.

To me, it means plugins, not simply libraries. Quoted from Joe, I take it as solid.

At any rate, being able to create plugins in Xojo would have advantages over classes. Let alone to create custom controls, which hopefully will show something in the IDE.

[quote=287213:@jean-paul devulder]Hi Jean-Yves,

Two avantages:

  1. The code is compiled (you save time when linking)

  2. You can share without given the source code.

But for the moment, your soluce is the best until this feature appear.[/quote]
as 1 is a good point, 2 is not : you can sell encrypted modules already.
the only advantage i see is you share or sell one file, as for the plugins, and not a group of files like today.
otherwise the difference is minimal.

I’m much interested in Michel’s terms: beeing able to make windows controls with more kind of settings in the IDE.