Creating New SQLiteDatabase

(Xojo 2015 Release3)
I think I am trying to use a built-in Database Editor. Go to Insert >> Database>>New SQLite Database… . A dialogue box comes up to save this database with the name that I have given it. I then immediately get a message: “Could not connect to database.”
The database shows up in the Navigator.

Is there a GUI function of Xojo that allows you to set up tables and fields? Where do I go from “Could not connect to database.”

This is a known regression that will be fixed in an upcoming release.

For now, you can create a SQLite DB using another tool (there are lots available) or with SQL and then connect to it with code. Examples are here:


FWIW, I recommend NOT using the built in Database Editor. There are many free and inexpensive tools out there to manipulate any of the databases that Xojo supports. The Database Editor just isn’t very good, in my opinion, so you’re better off using an external one.