Creating help text

Looking for recommendations when creating help text for an application.

Me, Mac user, using Freeway to create the pages.

Previously, I simply copied the folder containing the pages into the application root folder,
calling them by

[code]app_f=GetFolderItem("").Child(“App Internal Stuff”).Child(“Readme”).Child(“index.html”)
if app_f <> nil then
if app_f.Exists then

  t=new RunHelpClass
end if

end if[/code]

HelpClass module:

[code] dim s_str as String

select case app.OSX_Name
case “Tiger”
s_str=chr(34)+"/Volumes/"+Volume(0).Name+"/System/Library/CoreServices/Help Viewer"+chr(34)+" “+chr(34)+”/Volumes/"+ app.app_f.AbsolutePath+chr(34)
s_str=chr(34)+"/Volumes/"+Volume(0).Name+"/System/Library/CoreServices/"+chr(34)+" “+chr(34)+”/Volumes/"+ app.app_f.AbsolutePath+chr(34)
end Select

'MsgBox s_str
app.app_s=new Shell
app.app_s.Execute s_str[/code]

The the difference at OSX_Name, “HelpViewer” is the name of the Apple Help Viewer in Mac OS X Tiger,
“Help Viewer” in Mac OS X Leopard and newer.

To get OS version:

[code]dim sys1, sys2 as Integer

'#if TargetMacOS

//be more specific
call System.Gestalt(“sys1”, sys1)
call System.Gestalt(“sys2”, sys2)

select case sys1
case 10 //os=“Mac OS X”
select case sys2
case 4
case 5
case 6
OSX_Name=“Snow Leopard”
case 7
case 8
OSX_Name=“Mt. Lion”
case 9
OSX_Name=“Mavericks” //fake thing for future versions
end Select
end Select

'if debugbuild then MsgBox "Debugbuild: "+OSX_Name
'#end if[/code]

Now, with Xojo, I’m using AppWrapper to get the help merged into the compiled project file.
Also, now using Freeway Pro to let it create XHTML files, required for Apple Help.

Thank you Detlef, but right now I’m looking for Windows or cross-platform.

Xojo: Third Party Products - Help Authoring and Online Help

Any other recommendations?

How about creating HTML files and using the built in HTML viewer for display and navigation?

or create a PDF document and open it with the default PDF viewer.

I think I’ve settled on HTML HELP Workshop.