Creating a REAL blank picture

Please correct if I am wrong but it seems that you cannot draw a blank picture. If I institute a ‘new picture’ and I do not draw anything onto the picture and you try to draw the picture using ‘g.drawPicture’. It apears that it just draws a picture filled white but it is not properly blank. For efficiency of the code’s sake, is there a function or special way of drawing an actual blank image do the screen. I know you could just prevent the drawing to the screen if the image is blank, but I use the ‘Picture.Graphics.Width’ and height property.

How do I draw a blank picture that is not filled in white.


Leave off the depth parameter when creating the new picture.

Sorry, it does not seem to work, but thanks anyway. Atleast you reminded me to enable GDI+. :wink:

Unless you mean something different, supplying only width and depth is exactly the right way to do it.

Thanks. It does work after all so sorry about that. You helped loads.

I see that your question has been answered to your satisfaction, but what are you actually trying to accomplish here? I can’t imagine why you would ever want or need to draw a blank picture to the screen.

I have a checkerboard behind the blank picture and a border over the blank image. It draws the picture when it is not blank. But when it is blank it uses the width and height of the blank picture to determine the size of the checkerboard and border. Like in image editing software like Gimp or Photoshop.

Yeah, it is something I do very frequently. More often than not, I want the “blank” picture over the filled one.