create event for/from/at finish of Window.Open

Apparently, I need to create an event (OnClose) that fires after a Window has finished its open event.
There are several terms which might be applicable: RaiseEvent, Event definition, Event Handler.
The LR does RaiseEvent, but not the other two. I also am pretty sure RaiseEvent calls OnClose at the very end of the Open Event.

So what else do I need to do?
Also Why?

Add a Timer to the window and start it inside window.Open. It will fire after the window open sequence has finished.

Thanks Tim. That was my other solution, except I couldn’t figure out if it was a single use thread, or a timer.

RaiseEvent just call a method and return. i think its because a method can return a value.
it would be the same if you call a method at the end of this open event.
this Timer tick events comes outside of a method.

this addhandler/removehandler just register/unregister a “event” method from calling

Single-use, short-period timer. All it’s there for is to allow whatever window code happens after the Open event to finish and the UI to get to a steady state before the code in the timer executes.

Another way to achieve the same would be to use the Activate event with a property in the window:

Property “ActivateHandled As Boolean”

[code]Sub Activate
if ActivateHandled then return

ActivateHandled=true End sub[/code]

It’s a matter of taste, I believe. I feel adding a timer for this purpose is “wasting” a control.