Create and send an email populated from multiple fields

Hey folks,

I’m new to Xojo, and I’m having a bit of difficulty with a current project. I’ve got experience with Xcode, but I thought this project might be easier in Xojo— plus I like how simple it seems to make things. That said, I’m trying to create an app for OS X that will submit the contents of numerous forms as the body of an email, then the email. I’m not sure how to proceed. I played with the email sample from the book, but I can’t seem to accomplish my goal.

I’ve added several text fields, and a segmented control to my project. My goal is to be able to add text to the fields, as well as the selected segment text (it’s days of the week for availability) and have it all dump into the body of an email in their respective order. I had thought about using a table, but I haven’t used that before. I don’t want to create a database, as the information going in the fields shouldn’t be retained.

Anyone have any ideas as to how to proceed, or thoughts on where to begin?

What difficulties are you experiencing? Tell us what you’ve done & where it’s not working then we can help.

Well, I’ve put together the UI, and I understand the basics of each socket, but i’m just not sure how to link them all together. I know that I can define an area and name it"body", but I’m not sure how to have it take all of the content from each field, combo box, and segment control, and add it to the body of an email; ideally with a couple of page breaks in-between each field. Here’s an image of the UI— maybe that will make this make a bit more sense.

From should populate as the From line, and the Subject should combine the item number, and contents of the combo box.

look at SendButton.Action in the Example in Xojo

To get the value of you combobox use combobox1.text

The segmentedControl is complexer

for each s as SegmentedControlItem in segmentedControl1.items
if s.selected then
'use s.title here
end if

But you can use the events of both to handle useractions.

to have the body, do someting like
dim body as string = notes.text + endofline + combobox1.text + endofline