Create Ad-Hoc Network?

I need to create a temporary ad-hoc network to communicate with an external wifi device. I’ve found how to do this on Windows with shell commands, but on the mac I can only find ways to do it using menus or applescript.

Does anyone know of a way to create an ad-hoc network via terminal commands on OS X?


Hope this helps…

Thanks Matthew - that is helpful, in conjunction with the AppleScriptMBS Plugin I should be all set.

If you don’t already have the AppleScriptMBS, you can use the built-in Shell class and…

  1. Run “osascript”.
  2. Input your script, for example:
    tell application “Dock” to quit
    launch application “Dock”
  3. Shell.Close

Hope that helps. I prefer to utilize pure Xojo code when I can avoid plugins :slight_smile: