Create a bitmap image of current window then print

MacOS has something like a grab screen utility (pair of scissors) which enables you to take a screen shot of the whole screen, a selection, or a window - Can’t remember what it’s called exactly.

Nevertheless, Windows has similar SHIFT+PRINTSCREEN which captures the whole screen. You can then paste into windows paint and print from there.

I know there are other methods to print with Xojo but exceeding what I need at the moment. All I need at this point is to capture the current window in bitmap format, then print - from within Xojo.

Search is your friend :

Thanks for the info Michel.

Seems a bit complicated, so for now I think I’ll leave it as shift+printscreen and let the user print from there.

Well, Tim’s post is not terribly difficult. But indeed, you would have to write the print routine.

Thank you Michel, I suppose I thought that it would be easy.

For a hobby programmer, I guess the reality is harder than I thought. Nevertheless, I have to proceed. A few very difficult moments, but not to give up.

With familiarity with the tool comes ambition of doing things you did not do before. Hence the need to learn. You cannot escape it.

Ambition? . . . well that is indeed the thing that pushes us forward. Yes it’s true, I cannot escape it. To truly learn, we must have the motivation - regardless of professional or amateur status.

My motivation is to get my program working as best I can.

I will take more time and look at your suggestion in post #2.

Thanks, Cheers.