CRC32StringMBS for a file?

The MBS file zipping routines create a hash of the incoming file when a password is added using:

data = tempBinaryStream.Read(tempBinaryStream.Length) crc = CRC32StringMBS(0, data)
As I have changed my routines to allow 64-bit zip files (> 4 GB) the size of the data string can be enormous! It used to cause exceptions, so I loaded the data into a string array and that worked, but I was wondering if there was a better way.

Is it possible to have something like:

crc = CRC32StringMBS(0, f)

ie it reads and calculates the hash directly from the file?

I couldn’t see anything like this at with my ‘man-eyes’.

Well, just read chunks and pass each chunk to the function.

0 is the start, but than pass result of last CRC to next CRC as parameter.

Thank you