Crazy Autocomplete Bug

I made a Video of it, because it is difficult to understand.
I can repoduce it, when I do the following

  • I cut some text from the end of a functionname
  • change to another function and back
  • press to autocomplete the functionname (the one i deleted the end before)
  • change to another function
  • when changing back, the functionname is in the middle its parameter.

Here is before and after:



Here is the Video:

Is this reproducible for others?


Yes. I have that quite often. In order to avoid it, I make sure to click the mouse twice at the location where I want to use autocomplete. I am on Win 11, 2024 R2. I believe that this issue started with one of the 2023 releases, but I am not too certain. Annoying for sure.

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Using Windows? I don’t think I have seen this problem before.

I had thought that it might be from somewhere outside Xojo (although I have absolutely no idea from where), but then it’s probably a very silly bug indeed.