Crash with DatabaseRow on iOS

I’m following an example on RowSet and DatabaseRow from here:

I am getting a crash on Line 60, at: For Each Row As DatabaseRow in results

What is the obvious thing that I am missing here? Why does it crash?

If you open the SQLite Database in a DB editor and use the same select statement, do you get results?

The crash is on the DatabaseRow.constructor so it may be a data type that Xojo can’t read/convert.
Try narrowing the SQL select statement to only one column at first, and adding columns until it crashes.

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Seems like an internal thing… ?
Is there any datetime(.fromString) being used in your code?

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I suspect there is a column that contains date values.
The values must be in a format that is not compatible with the DatabaseRow constructor.

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Is ‘DatabaseRow’ a reserved variable? Just wondering…

DatabaseRow seems to be used as the datatype as it should …

You’re right, I was confusing its placement with ‘Row’…

Thank you guys! I have removed any select of date fields from the query and now the code works.

So now I will investigate further into the issues with date-fields.

I am making use of MBS CubeSQL libraries and maybe it is related to this library:

Call InternalCubeSQLLibraryMBS.Use
db = New SQLDatabaseMBS

Interesting: I have to wrap the SQL query for datefields into date and datetime functions:

sql  = "Select " _
+ "DateTime(DateCreated) As 'Created',  " _
+ "DateTime(DateUpdated) As 'Updated', " _
+ "Date(Birthdate) As 'Birthdate' " _
+ "FROM addresses "

otherwise, this line would crash:

For Each Row As DatabaseRow in results

In the sqlite database, the field definitions are like this:

DateUpdated timestamp
DateCreated timestamp
Birthdate date

I’ve never ever read anything about doing that…
So this is sqlite specific.

The datetime() function returns the date and time as text in their same formats: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.

That’s the format that DateTime.FromString() expects when the locale is not specified.