Crash when online docs is not available

A frequent crasher:

Condition: Online Xojo Documentation is not reachable

  1. Start Xojo
  2. Click OK to create a new Desktop project
  3. Doubleclick onto the untitled Window1 in the designer area
  4. Choose Activate and click OK
  5. Click into the code area and write Me. and hit tab key
  6. Choose AcceptFileDrop
  7. Doubleclick on ‘AcceptFileDrop’, right click
  8. Choose ‘Help for Window.AcceptFileDrop’
  9. When the empty Language Reference Window appears, click on the red close icon of the Window
    -> This application has encountered a fatal problem and must be killed

I can confirm this one.


Same. Switching to the built in help in the preferences stop the crashing.

This is actually not new in xojo and also occured in realbasic before. Even when working on poor 3G/EDGE internet connections I’ve turned on built in help in preferences pane to speed up the editor a little bit.

I’ve verified the case. Greg is looking into why the doc wiki is offline right now.

Docs wiki is back up and running.