Crash when debugger enters the scene;

Is it known that when the debugger is used, the IDE crashes?

Whenever I use the debugger, after one or two more starts, the IDE crashes.

Meanwhile I think about restarting the IDE after every editing.

I can not send crash report as I am behind a proxy.
I can not send any code.

Is anything known about this phenomenom?
Ok, I looked up crash in the forum.
Is not really something special to my environment…

Btw., the IDE crashes almost after compiling and starting the app.
And 99% only when debugger was involved before.

Windows 10 64bit and VPN

Mac, Windows, Linux? Which version? Crash log?

No, except for some fun with BS Xojo is mostly stable.

I assume network connection via tunnel is the problem.

Have to check it first on my private PC to see if this happens there also.

Ok, what I was checking was an immediately shutdown of the debugger somewhere in the program when entering “Bitwise.BitAnd”; after some changing and restarting the IDE, the IDE crashed.

The solution was: I restructured my code before and managed to get into a running thread debugging.
Debugging in a thread seems to result in strange behaviour, what is obvious for me.
But I was not recognizing I was at this moment in a thread. :roll_eyes:

So, IDE crashed before but expecially often when debugging in a thread.

Wait, while I type I can seee the text on the right… Wow!
Oh, new forum… great!

Thanks a lot for the info and reminding me of a better error description!

At least I should have mentioned OS…