crash on save... lost project... help!

I am very upset… I just lost one day of work…

When xojo was saving I got a message (not sure exactly) like “preparing to save” and it froze there…

Now my project is 1kb…

Does xojo keep any internal backups ?

Lucky I make everyday backups… but it’s still more than 8 hours… I had advanced a lot…

restart xojo… 90% of the time if will find “unsaved resources”

I did… but found nothing… just the usual project chooser…

I strongly recommend that you look into a version control system. Believe me, I resisted it for years, but if you had saved and committed as you went, you would not have lost as much.

If you had been saving along the way and are on a Mac with Time Machine, check those backups. TM backs up once an hour.

ok… I will think about it… but for now… is there a cache ? a temp folder where it gets saved when it is run ? anything ?

oh… it’s windows, by the way…

Sorry for you loss

If you’ve not saved your Project at least once while you worked at it today, you may be out of luck.

Of course I DID save it… It got corrupted the tenth time I was saving it today… waht I did NOT do (today) was create a new version… so the version I was working in since yesterday became corrupted… I have yesterday’s version…

Alright… since it is gone, and it seems there’s no way to get my work back, I just want to state that this is the SECOND time it happens to me.

I know backing up is very important, and thanks to THAT I have only lost 8 hours… but I don’t find it acceptable. Backing up is a safety measure the user takes in case of contingency or malfuntion.

There’s something going on with the save process, as I read there are others that have experienced problems with this.

I definitely think Xojo should address this. (how hard can it be to have the programe save 2 versions of the fie… in case something like this happens?).

Anyway-… frustration… Please, xojo team, give a twist to this problem.

Roman, might I suggest that perhaps the problem is not related to Xojo?
And while I can understand your frustration, (I too have lost work before), but if this were a chronic Xojo specific issue, there would be hundreds of postings here of people with the same issue.

The only time I have ever had a corrupted file save, was due to either a power failure right in the middle of the save operiation, or a disk drive that decided that was the moment to have a meltdown.

While I do not use VCS (a Kem suggested), I do use OSX and therefore have TimeMachine, so at worst I never would lose more than one hour (which can also be signiicant)

I’ve also seen issues that seem to be related to saving to a “shared” folder like Dropbox or the like. I don’t know if that’s ever been confirmed.

Moving forward, I suggest a VCS with a remote server. In my case, for my personal, private projects, that “remote” is a folder on my RAID drive that I access via SSH to my global dynamic host name. That way I can be working on my desktop or laptop and still push my changes to that RAID drive periodically. This provides instant backup on top of what Time Machine gives me.

I know this isn’t helping you at the moment, and it’s probably not what you want to hear right now, but you should consider this a learning experience and take steps to make sure it never happens again. Data loss is inevitable, it’s how you guard against it in the future that’s key.

Hey Dave, of course you can suggest it… you probably know much better than I do… determining whose fault it is in an environment like this can be difficult… So I am not saying “it’s a xojo bug”… I am saying it IS a weakness.

And while we don’t need hundreds of postings like mine, it’s been clear that many people have experienced loss of data

In this case it was not a power failure, and if it was caused by a hardware or OS problem (or any other other layer involved), I DO believe that Xojo could do a little more to handle that situations. I am not a professional developer but I worked as a beta tester before, and I have seen other programs create autosave instances of the project every X changes or X minutes. Just to say mention ONE possible approach…

Trying to be constructive…

and that is kind of what Xojo already does… which is why in 90% of these cases, the restart detects that last “backup”

as to a weakness… Xojo can’t strengthen or circumvent a hardware, software or situation caused by 3rd party software… (Not saying that was what caused your issue, but am saying they can’t anticipate all points of failure outside of their pervue)

one thing I do (which I think Kem indicated he does as well), is when my app get to a signicant point, I save a copy on another device. So I have incremental Time Machine backups, as well as rollback points on different media.

well, I have to say, in that case… being a minority uscks…

but anyway… I still believe it could be done a bit better, maybe… like letting the user configure how many instances of the project to create, where to create, how often, how to name them, etc…

As soon as I finish re writing what I’ve lost I will evaluate the best option for my future… (in terms os data integrity, and other aspects of my life… )

I think I am slowly getting back my good humor.

Thats why you use a VCS

As you are on Windows.

One thing I do is I use FileHamster to take a snapshot every time I save between check ins. I usually clear out the FH cache once a week since I always do a check in at least once a day.

Maybe/Hopefully you’ve enabled it:
Use Win7’s previous versions
With some tweaks and settings it is a bit similar to TimeMachine (but not as good).

[quote=280636:@Roman Varas]ok… I will think about it… but for now… is there a cache ? a temp folder where it gets saved when it is run ? anything ?

oh… it’s windows, by the way…[/quote]
Yes. Xojo autosaves every time you run the project.
Look in \users\\appdata\roaming\Xojo\<version #>\projects

I would very much appreciate if someone could point me to the Mac equivalent of the cache…

~/Library/Application Support/Xojo