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I submitted an App to the store which was rejected because of a crash. The App works fine in the simulator and on my test iPad. Can someone check the log and give me a potential place to look? Thanks.

You need to resymbolicate the log. It’s useless like this

What does that mean? :blush: that’s all they sent me.

Here’s a Xojo project that’ll help you with this:

iOS Symbolicator.xojo_binary_project

If you build this project and then drop your crash log onto the application and it’ll ask you for the dSYM file that was created when you built your app.

A file with the suffix .symbolicated will be placed next to the crash log


Why isn’t such app distributed with(in) xojo ?

Well considering I wrote that this morning…


Thanks Greg, does this tell us more?

Symbolicated Crashlog

Unfortunately not.

atos cannot load symbols for the file /Users/apple/Dropbox/Programming/Quizmaster/Builds - Galactic

The dSYM file you selected, was it the exact one from the build you sent to Apple which crashed?

Hmm I may have compiled again to look for the bug. Sorry that stuffs it up. I’ll submit another version and wait for the rejection as I can’t make it crash.

Hi Greg, I submitted a version for rejection and have new logs that I put through your Symbolicator below. The App Store said it wasn’t loading any of the files which I have in CopyFiles and load using f = SpecialFolder.Resource(“General.txt”). Funny thing is it runs perfectly on my devices and simulator

Symbolicated Log

Actually that Symbolicator gave me the answer after starring at it for a bit, I couldn’t understand why it was referencing the my dropbox folder instead of Resources. This is the second project I have forgotten it. Maybe for Mobile projects that could be the default :slight_smile:
I’ll assume this is the error and submit another version to the store. Thanks for the decoder

I’m not sure what you mean

The text files I was loading from copyfiles was set to App parent folder instead of Resource folder would that make a difference?

Also I don’t remember doing a new plist for this project so may have copied it from somewhere while experimenting with the Documents folder. Is there anything odd in here?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
	<string>Allow the selection of photos from the photo library.</string>
	<string>Allow access to camera.</string>
	<string>Allow photo additions to library.</string>
	<string>Allow access to Documents.</string>

Well you can use GetResource if they aren’t in the resources folder… I would suggest you make the copy files step move them to the resources folder instead, it seems like your crash will go away.

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Thanks Jason, just did another building doing that and submitted. See how we go this time.

There’s nothing odd in the plist. The first 4 keys are the framework Defaults and the last two are set based on the capabilities that are set on the Advanced tab of the iOS build target Inspector.

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App Store rejected again :frowning: This time they don’t give a reason just 3 crash logs. Symbolicated versions below… any hints?

  • App works fine in
    • Simulator
    • Test iPad
    • Test iPhone




Did you google the error message?

I don’t get any errors when I run the App. But when I googled it saw back in September a few other Xojo users were having a similar problem but no solution posted.

None of your crash logs is correctly symbolicated.