Crash in Listbox.DragRow when setting Drag.Picture=Nil

Cocoa apps will crash in Listbox.DragRow when setting Drag.Picture=Nil

This is not a bug AFAIK. As with dragging in general in Xojo I assume that for dragging a row within the listbox this comment from the docs applies too:

I the case of dragging a row within a listbox, you therefor can’t change the picture, because there is not event which fires when the drag starts.

You could use regular drag’n’drop events to implement the dragging with a different picture than the built-in one. You would have to remove the row and insert it at the new place programmatically too.

I disagree - there’s no case where setting an object to nil should hard-crash the app. This is Xojo, not C++ :slight_smile:

Also- it works fine if the picture is not nil. It’s only when you use a nil picture that it crashes the app. That seems definitely like a bug to me.