CPU of Xojo Cloud Server


Can we know the model and the speed of CPU please?

see here:

Thank you Christian!


The small server is apparently equipped with a microproceseur AMD Opteron 4100.
This microprocessor contains 6 cores.

I do not have the habit of VPS. When Xojo indicates that a virtual CPU is assigned to the server, it is the complete microprocessor with 6 cores, or only one core? This lets you know very roughly how many applications we could launch, because I feel that an xojo web app is particularly memory and processor intensive calculation.

First of all, Just to be clear, these VPSs are on shared physical machines and have virtual CPUs (as opposed to physical ones). Furthermore, they are spread out across a datacenter of thousands of servers, so the specs Christian has put up is good for his VPS only. You would need to run his app on your VPS and then you would only be getting the specs of the hardware, not the allocated amount for the VPS. For that info, see our store.

It really doesn’t. As I mentioned, your VPS shares the server with others and you are guaranteed a fraction of the cores/CPU.