CPI - Custom Property Inspector

CPI, the “Custom Property Inspector” control is 100% Retina/HDPI compatible, written in Xojo2016r4.3, and uses no platform specific declares.
It allows the developer to add a “Property Inspector” pane (similar to the one in the Xojo IDE) as a component in their own applications.

it supports the following Property Types

  • Boolean (as “switches” instead of “checkbox”)
  • Color
  • Date (and/or) Time
  • Double
  • Single
  • Integer
  • Path (folderitem of ANY filetype)
  • Image (folderItem of only PNG or JPG filetypes)
  • String (as in TextField)
  • Text (as in TextArea)
  • Dropdown List (values are handled as Strings)
  • “Special”… this will fire an event to allow the developer to manage any other type of data they need
  • It supports Expand/Collapse Sections (the old version did not)
  • It uses a in-memory SQLite database instead of custom classes and arrays

For Color datatype the developer can use the builtin color picker (based on the OS), or opt to supply their own external picker.
A similar feature is available for Date/Time datatypes.

Almost all visual attributes can be adjusted by the developer, this includes colors, font size and row heights

Set up is super simple

[code]AddSection() // sections must be unique name
AddProperty( , ) // property “type” is based on the datatype of
AddProperty( , , paramarray of Strings) // add a dropdown list type
Control Methods

put( , , ) // update a single property
get( , , byref ) // retrieve a single property
CollapseAll and ExpandAll
readonly( , , True | False) // a padlock will be display next to readonly properties[/code]

A fully operational demo is available at www.rdS.com/cpi, the demo includes an encrypted version of the component, and can only be run in the IDE

at this time the users manual is still a work in progress

Source Code for CPI is available for $29.95, with a Black Friday special 20% off until Nov 26th.

CPI is 100% Xojo code, with no declares, and no platform specific routines required.