COVID update

Dear Amy, my wife and I will now do as you requested. Get well soon, be well!


Blessings headed your way Amy :pray: !

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Best wishes and prayers. Long COVID + vax brain fog not good but it’s great you can code now. That in itself is quite an achievement.

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Wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. Maybe you can take one of those Udemy courses of Melissa Crowhurst, especially the “Hacking the law of attraction”.

Her courses helped me too in bad times and maybe they can help you too.


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Take care Amy and I truly hope things get better for you soon. My thoughts are with you for your improved your health and new position.


Best wishes Amy!

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Sorry to learn about it, but glad you recovered somewhat and wishing you a speedy complete recovery.

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I am scheduled to attend a specialist clinic for a consultation and the development of a comprehensive treatment plan. Very lucky to have access to this clinic. I will have a greater chance at full recovery.

Thank you.

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UPDATE – The formal proposal my position, responsibilities, salary, and (full) benefits has been finalized and is expected to come up for a Board of Trustees vote sometime this month. While there is majority support at this time for the proposal to go through, anything can happen.

I have office space waiting for the outcome of this vote.

I am currently under care of three different doctors and will soon be attending a specialist clinic for consult, more diagnostic tests, and development of a treatment plan. So there’s a solid chance I will have the care I need in order to fully recover.


Sending prayers your way, Amy. :pray:

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