Couple of Problems with Window(0)

I am having problems with getting the correct window on top.

One set is an HTMLViewer being called by a StartUp window at the start. The StartUp window is at Window(0) in the debugger, but the HTMLViewer is visibly on top and if the cascade doesn’t work correctly, it covers the Startup. Ideally the HTMLViewer should be behind, but I can’t get it right.

Another set is the MainPage is called from StartUp during the close event. During the open event for MainPage, I call for a MessageDialog that is actually ShowModalWithin, but this is hidden by MainPage. Maybe part of my problem with this process is the StartUp window has not finished closing. I don’t know if that is the reason why the MessageDialog is hidden.

The minor question is how do I get the HTMLViewer to show the page title for my help pages.

@Arthur Gabhart — How do you display those windows and do you use the same method for every window, e.g. “wnd.Show” or “wnd.visible = true”?

Actually yes.
I have tried, when the HTMLViewer shows on top of StartUp (or any other window), the line StartUp.Show to get Window(0) to show, or rather to be the top window. It consistently fails.
I have tried “StartUp.visible = true” without success.

Is this abnormal behavior ?

have you change the window frame type property?
you could also change the window order if you open your windows self at app open event
and set the app default window to none.

The windows are all of types document.
I do have set the app default window to none.

The HTMLViewer is called in StartUp open event. I immediately follow it up with StartUp.visible = True.

Any other ideas? Or maybe, should those have solved my problem

Grumble. I have another weird bug report to file.
I just made an ultra small project. 2 windows each with only 1 button.
The action is only one line. show the other window. That window is now beneath the other.

can you show this feedback no.?
its windows/mac/linux specific?
xojo version?

The two cases are 60886 and 60888. Unfortunately they might be listed under Beta Bugs. That’s apparently the only way I can file.
I finally realized the problem was I had placed for example window(0).show in the open event.