Counting key strokes done in HTMLviewer

Hi all,

I need to count how many times any key was pushed when someone fills in a form shown in the HTMLviewer.

I have this on the KeyDown event:

[quote] keycounter=keycounter+1
LabelKeys.Text = keycounter.ToText

It only registers up, down, left… but not what is typed.
Does anyone know a trick to catch those as well?



execute a javascript that catches the key ?

Thanks Jean-Yves. There may be 2 issues with this:

  • I may not have access to the code of the forms so I can insert the JS.
  • I need to capture the count in the xojo tool. Is there a way I can send the info from the form back to xojo?



you execute the code from the xojo app. you dont need access to the source of the web page

Thanks Jean-Yves!