Could you tell me the name of this area of the IDE ?

I need to fill out a bug report and I really need your help.
Please, could you help me by telling me which is the name of the area in the IDE where Xojo reminds you about the syntax of the command you’re about to write ?
For example while you are writing MsgBox("Hello World") in that area you should usually see (1, 5) REALbasic.MsgBox(message as String).
BTW if that area doesn’t have a proper name, could you suggest me a way to describe it to the Xojo developers?

Here’s a picture of the IDE where I have hightlighted the area in question:

Thank you very much in advance.

I call it “contextual help”.

I believe Xojo Inc call it the “Syntax Help area”.

See UserGuide-Fundamentals.pdf, page 40.

[quote]Syntax Help
There is a small area at the bottom of the code editor that is used to display syntax help.

The Syntax Help Area displays syntax information, method signatures, declarations and
other information about the code that is under the mouse cursor.

Thank you very much

I call it <talk about 3 dots place>.

Thanks. BTW this morning I discovered that the bug I wanted to report has already been submitted: