Could someone please open my app on an M1?

Can I kindly ask for someone to confirm/deny an app crash under Monterey on an M1 Mac?

Happy to give a free license to this lovely time tracking app as a thank you. (


  1. Create an account, download and sign in. OfficeTime

  2. Restart the app. Does it now crash on start?

No crashes for me, running macOS Monterey 12.0.1. 16" MBP M1 Max processor, 64GB RAM.

Launched the app, clicked the Free Trial button, scrolled up and down the data a bit, then quit. Launched it again, clicked Free Trial again and all seems well. It didn’t ask for my account info at any point, I didn’t see any place to sign in using username and password.

The app did some meditation on startup:

Half a minute or more?

Does the account info go into Sync → Cloud? If I do something that is going to cost money please tell me the costs.

Monterey latest beta, MacBook Air M1.

I don’t know why but the Good Afternoon looked clickable. Instead it seems to be a help text. Way to large IMO.

I was playing around in the reports and got a nice hard crash on quit:

Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 11 Segmentation fault: 11
Terminating Process: exc handler [91744]

VM Region Info: 0x8 is not in any region. Bytes before following region: 4330393592
__TEXT 1021c9000-103a70000 [ 24.7M] r-x/r-x SM=COW …OS/OfficeTime

Application Specific Information:
Performing @selector(menuItemAction:) from sender NSMenuItem 0x6000024c8690

Kernel Triage:
VM - Compressor failed a blocking pager_get

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0 XojoFramework 0x10f818989 RuntimeObjectIsa + 80
1 XojoFramework 0x10f82a7c9 RuntimeViewDestructor + 129
2 OfficeTime 0x102243d0b Window.__Exit%%o + 11
3 XojoFramework 0x10f81875f RuntimeUnlockObject + 643
4 OfficeTime 0x1036b6ecb ccCustomPopup.ccCustomPopup.Event_Close%%o<ccCustomPopup.ccCustomPopup> + 1195
5 OfficeTime 0x1022860ab EmbeddedWindowControl.Event_Close%%o + 11
6 XojoFramework 0x10f71b2bf RuntimeViewWindow::FireWindowCloseEvents() + 221
7 XojoFramework 0x10f71b0ba RuntimeViewWindow::Close() + 50
8 XojoFramework 0x10f71d299 RuntimeView::UnifiedClose(bool) + 569
9 XojoFramework 0x10f70f2d7 0x10f5b1000 + 1434327
10 XojoFramework 0x10f873a0b IterateWindowList(unsigned char ()(Window, void*), void*) + 1209
11 XojoFramework 0x10f70f185 TestApplicationQuit() + 115
12 XojoFramework 0x10f70f32e ApplicationQuit(long long, unsigned char) + 13
13 XojoFramework 0x10f776e84 RuntimeMenuItemClick(RunMenuItem*, unsigned char, Window*, unsigned char*) + 187
14 XojoFramework 0x10f674e22 CocoaMenu::_MenuItemAction(NSMenuItem*) + 72
15 XojoFramework 0x10f67541a 0x10f5b1000 + 803866
16 AppKit 0x7ff80c6d560d -[NSApplication(NSResponder) sendAction:to:from:] + 288
17 AppKit 0x7ff80c7ca9be -[NSMenuItem _corePerformAction] + 413
18 AppKit 0x7ff80c7ca6de -[NSCarbonMenuImpl performActionWithHighlightingForItemAtIndex:] + 95
19 AppKit 0x7ff80caf4fcf -[NSMenu _performActionForItem:atIndex:fromEvent:] + 197
20 AppKit 0x7ff80c7c9a05 -[NSMenu performKeyEquivalent:] + 418
21 AppKit 0x7ff80cc26cf2 routeKeyEquivalent + 668
22 AppKit 0x7ff80c640b27 -[NSApplication(NSEvent) sendEvent:] + 1147
23 XojoFramework 0x10f693464 0x10f5b1000 + 926820
24 OfficeTime 0x10227b1f5 Application._CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling%%op + 181
25 XojoFramework 0x10f8161b4 CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling(void (*)()) + 254

Sorry :sunglasses:

When starting the app with cloud synch active it’s doing a beachball for 20 seconds or so. But there is no crash.

Thanks. It only potentially crashes after you’ve signed in and restarted. You can sign in under Help-Sync.

It shouldn’t pause on startup but it’s been known to pause on login.

Were you able to login and then restart?

You normally see the costs first at before signing up. Happy to get you a free copy though.

Yeah, maybe that header needs to change.

Thanks. I’ve seen that crash before. Something about the destructor on the custom popup control. I think I’ve got it sussed.

Yes, login and restart worked fine.

Ah, I only did the download and didn’t scroll so far down. Perhaps something “cloud synching needs at least the Freelancer plan” for the cloud login would make sense.

Great looking app by the way.

I think you’re right.

Thanks! Was a lot more work than anticipated! :wink:

Very attractive interface.

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