Costs for a MySQL database application deployed at 5 clients

Please tell me how much will be the costs for a MySQL Community database application deployed at 5 clients?
5 x Xojo Database Server License for clients, or 1 x Xojo Database Server License for developer?

With one Database Server License ($300) and one Desktop License ($300) you can deploy your compiled Xojo database-centric apps to an unlimited number of users running Windows, OS X and Linux. It’s a bargain!

There are no runtime or per application license fees. The license is for the developer to deploy as many applications as they wish. But you do need more than the database server license. In your case it should be 1 x Xojo Database Server license + 1 x Desktop license.

So the client does not pay for Xojo, only the developer. Right?


This is correct. Especially the “bargain” part :slight_smile:

Paul Lefebvre, deploy for unlimited number of users or client’s servers?

Aurel, your limits are on server side. If the server does not have any limit, your app does not have any limit.

Your app can be deployed to any number of users. The number of database servers and database users is determined by whatever database server you use and its licensing, not Xojo.

Thanks. It’s Ok.