Correzione del testo

Mi dispiace non parlo italiano, questa una traduzione automatica.

Il testo di queste immagini corretto?
Se no, potresti correggerlo?

Grazie mille

---- Inglese —
Sorry I don’t speak Italian.

Is the text on these pictures correct ?
If not, could you please correct it ?

Hi Jrmie
Almost correct.
Maybe is better use the same type of message (polite is 3rd person, direct is 2nd person, more or less like German)
And not the infinite, you can use it to explain an action like: plan your next trip, you have translated as Pianificare i tuoi prossimi viaggi, is better “Pianifica i tuoi viaggi” or Puoi pianificare i tuoi prossimi viaggi (you can plan your next trip)

So first image:
Pianifica i tuoi prossimi viaggi
Aggiungi viaggi (in the interface)

For the second image maybe the right translation is too long: better rephrase it as a simple “Dove e quando?” since the argument (viaggio) is implicit from the title.

Third image ok
Seleziona attivit (in the interface)

Fourth image:
Ecco la tua lista di bagagli

If you want you can send me the Lingua file, I can try to translate it (without interface and so context it can be not so easy)

Hi Antonio,

Grazie mille !

The Lingua file has 189 entries which seems to be a lot of work. But I could send it if you aren’t afraid of the amount of sentences.