Correlation between coding and headphones

Hi guys!

How many of you wear headphones while coding? I’m curious about if this article is right enough or this is not the case for Xojo developers (we are braves, aren’t we?).


I code from home and even though I have a dedicated office, I need headphones and it’s purely for drowning out noise around the house (we have four kids).

I’m currently using a pair of BeatsX wireless earphones. I’m not a huge fan of the Beats brand but the earphones are pretty good and the noise cancelling seems fine. They switch easily between my iMac, iPhone and Watch, so that’s nice.

I mostly listen to metal or hard rock, but I sometimes switch to classical or even nature noise, using YouTube videos - rain falling, rivers flowing, that kind of white noise.

Headphones of some description are absolutely essential to me being productive. I’m easily distracted, such as when people post threads on the Xojo Forum, asking about headphones. D’oh!

I have found that unless it is dead quiet (except for ambient background), I can’t maintain a sharp focus. So I have no music, radio or headphones… But then I have/had no kids… so that might have changed how I needed to deal with things :slight_smile:

Yes, the same type of situation at my place. I have my ‘man cave’ which is just a small room, where there is very little noise. If the kids are making noise then headphones are slid over the ears to cancel noise.

I seem to need the noise level to be very low to deeply concentrate.

I code “on the go” a lot. Like this morning from the hospital. So I have two sets of headphones. I have Big over the ear noise canceling headphones that I use in the office, planes, airports, hotel rooms, etc. they block 95+% of the noise/distractions. When I can’t use the big ones I have some noise reduction ear buds that I use. They don’t block all the noise but helps cut it down.

I tend to listen to tv shows or movies while coding. Making sure it’s something I have seen before so I don’t get distracted. Or I listen to music that has an energetic beat/tempo.

The biggest reason I put the headphones on in public places when coding is to tell others to “leave me be” so I can code. Doesn’t always work but helps.


I sometimes have to put on headphones in the office. We sit close to the support department which is handling the customers phone calls. Especially when coding brand new blocks of code where concentration needs to be close to 100% I use the headset to drown out the noise. Of course that’s usually when someone will try to get my attention and I won’t hear it till they get loud enough.

No music and no headphones. I need quit for coding.

If the mother watches too much TV I close the door to my office. The only problem is the cat which like to cuddle now and then. Working with one hand is annoying. Then I try to play printing or DVD drive.