correctly sized icons for a bevel button

I have a ton of icons on my computer, but they are all way to small to be seen effectively on a bevel button. Is there a source of correctly sized icons or a way to get an icon to expand to the correct size to fit a bevel button

What size is your bevel button? What size are your icons?

So, I guess you are saying to size my button to the icon size and not the other way round.BTW: my icon sizes are around 39 px.

Public Sub Open() Handles Open dim p as new picture(me.width,me.height),0,0,me.width,me.height,0,0,myIcon.Width,myIcon.Height) me.Icon = p End Sub

This works if the aspect ratio of the icon is the same as the button. Otherwise, the picture will be stretched or shrinked on one side.

Otherwise see

But if the button is bigger than the icon, you will suffer a quality loss. It is usually better to size the button to the icon picture.

For instance, you could make your buttons 32x32 and use the fatcow icon collection.

Thanks Michel.That fatcow link you provided is dead, but I will find them.

The link Michel meant:

Thanks Tim :slight_smile:

I also forgot to ask if you’re targeting a retina device or not.

Are you trying to create a large icon button or say a regular sized button with a icon left (or right) of the label?