Corona Lockdown Promos?

As many devs will be locked at home for weeks, and many people will be suffering decrease of their incomes and sales will tend to slow down, and as MANY companies are running some kind of crisis promo right now, will Xojo run some deals? Coupons? Low cost 1/2 year subscriptions? Etc?

I am running a discount for ExeWrapper licenses and renewals. Use the code fightC19 at checkout :slight_smile:

(I could really use the support, so feel free to not use the code too)

ACM gave away access to their entire digital library

anyone want to match that offer (kidding !) :stuck_out_tongue:

Google is rolling out free access to premium video chat features for its G Suite. Such Hangouts Meet features include calls with up to 250 participants, live-streaming to up to 100,000 viewers within a domain, and the ability to record meetings and save the files to a Google Drive. The upgrades will be available at no additional cost until July 1.

if only I trusted google as far as I can throw them (all)

Audible launched a free collection of audiobooks for children that can be streamed on users’ desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets. Amazon’s Kindle is offering two free months to its unlimited e-book service to new users.

Microsoft is offering a six-month free full trial for some of its basic package of Office 365 enterprise products to businesses that reach out to a Microsoft partner or sales representative.

Zoom Video Communications lifted the 40-minute meeting limit for their free accounts (used by about 60,000 K-12 schools in the U.S.). The company is offering similar accommodations to teachers that reach out in more than a dozen countries. It also announced integration for Clever, a widely used online K-12 teaching portal, so that teachers can access extra features through July 1 for no charge.

MBS Plugins are 20% off in April due to our 20th birthday for the company.

see blog entry: MBS Birthday Sale

Xojo offered a free YouTube Video: “Happy Customers, Successful Projects and Living Stress Free”

You can watch it here: