Has anyone done any work with core audio, wrapped any of it for xojo?

Christian, do you have much of the core audio in MBS?

MBS :wink:

What do you want to do?

Recently I started a new AUPlayerMBS class:

I can send Midi Control Changes with PortMidiMBS

Can I query a Controller Value with PortMidiMBS ?

for example:
I wanna know what value has Controller 18

You can try :slight_smile:

for send I use

Sub SendCC(value2 as integer, value3 as integer) dim d as PortMidiEventMBS dim e as integer d=new PortMidiEventMBS d.Set (&hB0, value2, value3) e=s.Write(d) End Sub

but I couldn’t figure out how I can read it.

you can call Read functions.