Core date Mac vs Linux

I’m using to help me set the appropriate date/time by time zone. The lines of code below seem to work fine on Mac, but cause the error below it on Linux. Am I invoking it incorrectly or is it a bug that an update would fix? (I’m using 2015 R3)


Dim PSTZone As New Xojo.Core.TimeZone("UTC-7:00")
PSTDate = new, PSTZone)

xojo.core.invalidargumentexception in session

Specifically, I figured out that the error occurs from this line:

Dim PSTZone As New Xojo.Core.TimeZone(“UTC-7:00”)

“UTC-7:00” isn’t a time zone name or abbreviation more than likely
So you get the exception that is documented you should get

Why not

Dim PSTZone As New Xojo.Core.TimeZone(-25200) // -7*60*60

There are 2 constructors

Ohhhhh. Okay. Thanks!