Copying String to clipboard Broken in 18r3?

The following code is not putting anything on the clipboard… yet in the Debugger the string S (added that for debugging) has the expected text… Am I suddenly doing something very stupid or is copying text to the clipboard broken in 21018r3? (if it is I will file a bug report)

OSX 10.12.6
BTW I rebooted my Mac before posting about this to see if that made a difference… it did not.

Dim F as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("NIST MS Search 2000000000001685.pdf") Dim S as String= ExtractPDFText(F) Dim C as New Clipboard C.Text = S C.Close

Dim S As String= "The Expected Text" Dim C As New Clipboard C.Text = S C.Close
When I choose Paste after running this code, “The Expected Text” is placed in my textfield.
Mac OS 10.14
Xojo 2018.3

Maybe the expected text from the PDF file has a special character that makes the clipboard not work or get emptied?

Turns out if I change the encoding to WindowsANSI it works… I thought the file was straight ASCII but it has “±” symbols in it…

Would have been nice if the framework had thrown a exception instead of just failing silently…

  • Karen